Who Are Ya? Reviewer Dan HM

Who are ya?

IMG_0385Dan Higgs Matzner. 30 years old. I’m a new father as of November 2015. I’m a casual drinker that aims to enjoy the flavors and social aspects of visiting.

What is your drinking profile?

I’m a lover of many drinks, alcoholic and non. Beer wise, it depends on the season for me. I prefer porters and stouts in the winter and prefer lighter beers during the warmer months. I’ve even been known to drink a shandy or two in my time. It all depends on the situation. I’ve also been known to enjoy a Whiskey Old Fashioned Sweet from time to time.

What are your go-tos?

Some go-to beers are Finnigans Amber and Dead Irish Poet, New Galarus Spotted Cow, or a Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. I’m also a big fan of Steigl’s Radler.

Why are you doing this?

Let’s be fair. A fair amount of my “adult life” has revolved around drinking at a party or going out with friends to a bar. Now that I’m a parent – I can’t just turn that side off. I feel like it’s becoming more and more common for young parents to bring kids out to places that – even a few years ago – they might not have. I also know how annoying it can be for the regulars. I want to find that happy medium. Where is it safe, and accessible for me to bring my child. And drink so damn good beer.