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Well – it took us long enough. Over the next few days you’ll start to see our first few reviews from way back in March. First up is Sisyphus Brewing over by the Walker. Please take a few minutes to read our review and let us know what you think, and what we’re missing.

A few notes:

  • Unfortunately these reviews are only 2 of our 3 reviewers
  • These are all a few weeks out of date – but generally do stand
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Who Are Ya? Reviewer Daniel Baxter

Who are you?

Daniel and JuliaI’m a 37 year old structural engineer who designs bridges. My daughter Julia just turned
one on Pi Day, March 14th. My wife and I moved to Minneapolis two years ago from Cleveland, OH, where I played keyboard in several bands. In my free time I enjoy reading 
and running, which are fairly compatible with the whims of a one year old (especially once

Julia is asleep in the case of reading, or before she wakes up in the case of running).  Although Julia is a little older than Dan and Ian’s kids, I feel that Dan and Ian are much more organized than I am in the fatherhood department.

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