Dangerous Man Brewing Company

May 11, 2016

Those who have not yet visited Dangerous Man probably already know a few things about them.

  1. Beards
  2. Peanut Butter Porter
  3. Milk Chocolate Stout
  4. The combination of 2 and 3.

That’s right – Dangerous Man in North East Minneapolis is famous for not only some meaty beers, but also the iconic Bearded Man logo. After hearing a few people talk about the Peanut Butter Porter at length – I knew it was one that I wanted to try.

However, Ian and I made the mistake of going on a wet Wednesday night. Driving from South Minneapolis. I’ll try to avoid letting the more-than-30-minute-commute there, in stop and go traffic, taint my review, but man! That was annoying.

Dangerous Man Brewing Company

2506 Central Ave NE

Minneapolis, MN 55418


Beer (Variety, Self Brew/Local, Taste)

DHM: So the real reason I wanted to go was for their mainstays Peanut Butter Porter and Milk Chocolate Stout. (And their version of a black and tan (?) which is a combination of them both.) Dangerous Man was the first location that we’ve visited that didn’t offer small pours or flights of beer. Instead – they opted for an extremely reasonable $3 tulip pour of your choosing. This is probably one of the most reasonably priced beers that we’d come across.

However – when you’re managing your intake so that you can safely drive your infant home – you have to be much more aware of what you’re sampling. In the end, I had the Peanut Butter Porter, the Milk Chocolate Stout, and a few sips of the Sour. Surprisingly, the Peanut Butter Porter was my least favorite. It smelled absolutely amazing, but the taste was too bitter when following the creamy peanut butter smell. It wasn’t horrible, just didn’t quite live up to the hype. The Milk Chocolate was my favorite. Not too sweet, and very, very creamy. I ended up getting a growler of it when I left.

This leaves me in an interesting place for my rating. I like their beer. Their prices are extremely reasonable, especially if this is the first stop in a night out. But for the expressed reasoning behind this blog – the lack of a tasting menu, and shorter pours is actually a hinderance. Strange. 3 of 5.

IDK: I agree with Dan that it would have been nice to have an option smaller than a tulip glass, however reasonably it was priced.  I’m a total lightweight, and I didn’t end up finishing a couple of my beers–there were three I wanted to try, but couldn’t have driven home had I finished them all.  

  1. Half Peanut Butter Porter/Half Milk Chocolate Stout (4 out of 5): I’d call it more of a black and blacker rather than a black and tan.  I liked it more than the Porter alone, and less than the Stout alone.  Go figure.  The Porter is one of the best smelling beers I’ve ever had, but the taste is a bit of a disappointment.  The Stout may be the best non-imperial stout in MN.
  2. Kolsch (3.75): I love a good kolsch, and there aren’t a whole lot of breweries who do them well.  Dangerous Man does, and this one hits all the right notes–light bready malt and just enough fruity esters from the kolsch yeast.
  3. Sour Delores #4 (Boysenberry) (3.5): A solid, but not spectacular fruity sour.  Alas, I couldn’t drink much of this one, because I had to get the little one home.

Overall beer score: 3.75 of 5

Aggregate Score: 3.375 of 5

Environment (Noise, Service, General Ambiance)

DHM: We showed up on a Wednesday night around 5:30 – and there were a fair amount of people in the taproom – despite the rain. I believe there was a Twins game that might have been rained out, so that might have contributed to the higher customer count. Noise level was good for the kiddos, not too loud, but loud enough that they weren’t bothering anyone else. I didn’t notice anyone giving us the stink eye – but it’s a “First come, First served” approach to getting a table, so I can imagine 2 of us taking on the limited table space might have raised some eyebrows.

Service was as quick as it could be and courteous. The order at the bar area was also the growler purchase area, and there were streams of people throughout our time there. We didn’t have to wait long when we waited at all. There weren’t food options – but like most places you could order from other restaurants and bring it in. I got Anchor Fish and Chips from down the street, and it seemed to work out just fine. 3.5 of 5.

IDK: I got there a bit before Dan and since there were no smaller tables available, my son and I sat at the long communal table in the middle of the taproom.  It wasn’t a big deal for a while, but once the place started to fill up I felt kind of awkward taking up the adjoining chairs with baby crap.  Luckily a table opened up, so I grabbed it, but then I felt a little bad about two of us taking up a table bigger than we really needed.  It would be nice to have some smaller tables available.  I agree with Dan about the service–fast and friendly. 2.5 of 5.

Aggregate Score: 3 of 5

Kid Friendly-ness & Facilities (Changing tables, Kids Area, Stroller Friendly)

DHM: This is an adult tap room. Plain and simple here. There were high tops, and  one long table in the center of the room. Space was at a premium as the crowd came in out of the rain – and the raised window setting section (where we were) made it difficult for a stroller to easily access. There were other people with babies – but many of them were smaller than ours – so the need for the additional accoutrements that we had wasn’t quite as prevalent. We were lucky enough to avoid the need for a diaper change – especially since their cubical bathrooms didn’t have a changing table. 1 of 5.

IDK: Dan sums it up pretty well.  I’ve been there once before with my son–we went right when they opened on a Sunday (noonish), and that was a much better time to be there with a kid.  It did not seem nearly as kid-friendly when we were there on a weekday evening.  No changing table, high chairs, or any other kid-specific infrastructure. 1 of 5.

Aggregate Score: 1 of 5

Non-Drinker Options

DHM: Surprisingly there were a few different non-drinker options. Multiple rotating craft sodas, and kombucha (I think). No Coke products still. Sorry Daniel. 3 of 5.

IDK: Ditto.  Neither of us availed ourselves of the non-alcoholic options. 3 of 5.

Aggregate Score: 3 of 5

PatP Final Say:

To be blunt, Dangerous Man is for adults. Because – duh, it’s a tap room. They have some really tasty beers at a very reasonable price. If you’re going out for an evening on the town (thanks in advance babysitters!) this would be a wonderful stop for you to hit up. However, if you’re bringing babins in tow – I’d probably avoid the place.

Final Score: 2.6 of 5


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