Who Are Ya? Reviewer Ian Kushner

Who are you?11227862_10106012450343211_3602670632881298403_n

Ian Kushner. Almost 33 years old. New father as of May 2015, so I know way more about parenting than Dan, but less than Daniel. Lover of all things beer-related. Reverse
snowbird–grew up in the desert, but the cold is more my speed.

What is your drinking profile?

While I enjoy the occasional cocktail or glass of wine, I’ll rarely choose either if a decent beer is available. There are very few styles of beer I don’t enjoy (looking at you, Altbier & Barleywine), but I have a particular affinity for Belgian & German styles, saisons, sours, and stouts/porters.  I love hops, but I don’t like hoppiness for the sake of hoppiness.

What are your go-tos?

Too many to name, but the among the local beers most likely to be found in my fridge are Castle Danger Cream Ale, Bauhaus Wonderstuff, Badger Hill Foundation Stout, and Schell’s Hefeweizen in the summer.

Why are you doing this?

I’ve been into beer for a long time, and I love talking about and sharing beer.  My wife and I discovered after having a kid that taprooms have the potential to be a perfect outing–they’re inexpensive, you don’t have to worry about being quiet, and you’re not committed to a full meal if things go south.  Not all taprooms are created equal, however, when it comes to family outings.  I want to help people avoid wasting their time and money at places that aren’t kid-friendly and/or make bad beer.


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