Sisyphus Brewing. 2016

Mmmm Beer. A quickly growing pastime here in Minnesota with the rise of home brewing, brew pubs, and an astounding number of local breweries that seem to be springing up like weeds! In fact, MPLS Mag has a list of 45 different Taprooms.

Another variable that is on the rise is the average age of first-time parents. In January 2016 NPR ran a story stating that average age for first time mothers had reached 26.5 years old. Per the CDC – this is almost 5.5 years older than the average was in 1970.

What does that mean for me as a parent? Well – to be blunt – it means that I’ve had more time enjoying a social drink with my friends than I like to lose all at once. It also means that more than anything – I want to spend time with my baby. How do those two things coincide?

I don’t have any other specific studies that I could quote here – outside of this “scathing” Yelp! review, but I feel that my generation of parents has started to lean toward it being okay to bring the kids out to establishments that you normally wouldn’t. And a quick Google search for “Best Baby Friendly Bars” quickly brings up an assortment of eateries and brewpubs that tout their credentials.

That’s where we come in. The parents of Parents at the Pub (or Babies and Beers or Small Pours or… we’re still working on the name) are willing, neigh… are obligated to drink our way around Minnesota’s growing list of Breweries and find out just how “family friendly” they really are. For instance – do they have a changing table in the Men’s room? A separate Family Restroom? Can I walk through the main seating area with a stroller? How quick can I get that bill and GTFO if my little one has a meltdown?

So – please join us dear readers – either metaphorically through this blog, or even in person when we are out and about – as we take a tour around this magical city of fermented goodness.

Sisyphus Brewing. March 2016



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